John Wall Embarks on adidas Take on Summer Tour Across Asia

Check out images from the adidas John Wall Take on Summer Tour, where he visited Beijing on August 19 and Shenyang on August 20. Fans attending the tour will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and have unique access to John through a multitude of premium, exclusive events including basketball contests, in-store appearances, social media and more. The tour continues through August 28 with additional stops in China, Japan and South Korea.


Dreamtown: A look inside chicago’s oldest sneaker store


Success in any business depends on a multitude of factors. Product is obviously key to meet the supply and demand of the customer. Sticking to and executing your business plan is just as vital. Arguably as important as any of those variables is desire. It’s that desire that has helped Kenneth and Anna Kim establish and invest its roots into the west side of Chicago for 34 years, overcoming several competitors and a devastating fire to still remain highly relevant throughout the windy city. The history and tale of Diana Shoes and Dream Town isn’t one of just sneakers, it’s one of perseverance, investment within the community, family and a foundation that continues to evolve just as the culture on which its business revolves around…